Who We Are

The Millionaires Academy as it is today was born on 3rd of December 2016 out of an intense desire to empower young people to create wealth through entrepreneurship.

This decision was driven partly due to the alarming rate of youth unemployment, and partly due to the lack of affordable structured business training, for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Within a few months of our launch, young people from all over Africa and Asia keyed into the program, and in just two years, we succeeded in training over 2500 young people and helping hundreds of them to start business for the first time.

The popularity and success of our program, attracted over 100,000 followers on our Facebook page.

What We offer

We have provide MBA-style business training to help you acquire critical business skills that will launch your business or career to the next level.

We also provide comprehensive life-changing training in specific businesses such as

  • Agriculture and agro related businesses
  • Digital Marketing
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Fast Moving Consumer goods and toiletries production
  • Chemical Industry
  • Financial sector
  • Online businesses

and many other business sectors, as well as human development programs for greater efficiency and personal development, because we realize that part of the problem in Africa, is lack of human capital development.

Unique Features

MBA style business training

Easy to understand, business management trainings delivered in modular short interactive video format.

Business Mastery

Master over 100 different businesses you can start now, in different sectors of the economy


Get help with startup financing, one of the critical problems facing startups in Africa

Make Money

Join our affiliate program, become our partner and start making money immediately. No excuse

Start Business with zero capital

Learn some businesses you can start today with no capital. Don’t be idle again!

Live your dream

Join our extensive network, get exposed, enjoy all our benefits, and live your dream life.

Why We are the Best

The greatest achievement of the Millionaire Academy, is that no one who passes through the program, remains the same. It is a massive paradigm shift that resets the mind of the African youth, and enables him/her to see opportunities which are hitherto hidden, and take absolute control of his/her destiny and future.

This program completely breaks the “slave mentality” which subconsciously limits the success of the African youth, which prevents him/her from achieving similar heights to youths in other developed countries and completely removes the shackle of mental poverty subduing many destinies in Africa.

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Wealth Creation




Skill Acquisition


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